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Established in 1985 Jarretts are proud of its’ friendly, fast and knowledgeable approach. Just as importantly we take pride in our products and customer service and will take the trouble to ensure that you receive exactly what you need.

Shawsgate Wines: International Award Winning Wines

Shawsgate is one of East Anglia’s oldest commercial vineyards producing a range of sparkling, white, red and rosé wines.

Visit the Vineyard: There is no admission charge to the vineyard and you are welcome to wander, picnic and relax amongst the vines. A great place to watch the seasons change. Dogs are welcome on leads and there is a children's play area.

Shawsgate has an Online shop Open 24/7 and

offers Experience Days & Evening Tours:

Click here to access the Shawsgate Website

Oil Seeds & Novel Crops

Novel crops are the core of our whole seeds operation with involvement in production and contracting, testing and cleaning all the way to oil crushing and filtration via our own cold press operation. This is a first class facility and is principally used for crushing oil seeds for human consumption. While cold pressing may be less efficient than Hexane extraction the quality of oil is superior and therefore ideal for high value oil seeds. As such if you want your oil seeds and novel crops grown, cleaned or extracted by an independent look no further:

Camelina, Linseed, Borage, Echium, Evening Primose, Rape and Sunflowers


As grass seed merchants Jarretts are familiar with the production of many varieties and can test most. We are also available for advise and consultancy on grass seed production.

We supply grasses for: Front Lawns, Back Lawns, Shady Lawns, Bowling Greens, Golf Courses, Sport Pitches, Reclamation, Building & Local Authority work

Jarrett Seeds work in partnership with growers and end users to develop successful contracting relationships that will improve both the quality of industrial and pharmaceutical crops grown in the UK and the market environment for growers

Les Jarrett is one of the most experienced producers of Evening primrose and Borage in the country having dealt with both crops on a commercial basis for over 25 years. The UK can produce high quality oils, but this can only be achieved with care and patience on the part of both growers and ourselves. Our aim is not to produce a quick cash crop but to develop a sustainable market for alternative crops in the UK.

Jarretts Tea: Quality Tea at an Affordable Price

Our superior quality single estate tea – Jilja Gold, provides an exceptional cup of tea for you, your clients and customers, which in turn differentiates your business.

We can provide this tea to you either in a range of pack sizes as well as catering bags. There is also the opportunity for you to have your own label, tagged tea bags, giving you a new way to promote your business.

We can also source many different teas, including speciality & flavoured and can blend teas to your own specific requirements all at very competitive prices.

Tea Cutting, Cleaning and Recovery: adding quality to products


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Oil Extraction, e.g.:

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